Saturday, November 26, 2005

Command Performance

Story #20, in which Doug humbly offers a little story upon the request of the Pez sisters and Pia.

To hear Doug's humble offering, click on Pavarotti.
To read Doug's literary submission, stop the queen from killing her poor and noble servant.


karma said...

always suspected you were a fiery personality. did the singed eyebrows grow back?

if you're a Pavarotti fan, you should read this

by the way, the queen is not killing the poor servant. she is knighting him! :P

Doug said...

Karma, the brows grew back but my eyeballs still bubble and boil on my cheekbones,

weirsdo said...

ROTFL, Doug. Why didn't you just take up smoking, like the rest of us?

Doughboy said...

Great site doug
Queens sent their knights into battle to die for them :p

Doug said...

Weirsdo, that was a year or two later. By my reckoning you have about 8 years to hide the astringent from Toyplayer, by the way.

Doughboy, you mean Alice sent you to slay me? Go ahead, I know better than to interfere with her plans.