Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Corinthian Pleasure- A Carnival Prayer

Paul teaches the best things are three:
Faith and Hope and charity.
I surely take his words as true
And hold them up in all I do.
But, God knows, and I'll confess
There are other ways we're blessed
And when I pray for strength, like Paul
The gifts I wish for most of all
Are similar to Paul's in number-
First, I pray, Lord, make me dumber
For which of Paul's gifts pass the dense
For fellowship with those with sense?
Then I ask a little madness
To comfort me in times of sadness
And so my will is never tested
Even once I've been arrested.
Third, I pray my spirit's small
Of lesser gifts, the best of all,
To never trust in our conclusions
Yet to doubt our own illusions.

I won't debate the good apostly,
And pray my pride won't be too costly
When, heart aroar and gut arumble,
I pray "keep thy crazy fool humble."
-Timothy Timfor