Friday, April 22, 2011

Viernes Sancto

Good Friday's when I wonder how
This world would meet its savior now.
Would we even notice thirteen men
Performing wonders now and then?
Could we put the LORD up on TV
For all this napping world to see?
Would the Sanhedrin and Caiaphus
And Rick Santorum make a fuss,
And call Jesus a pious swindle
Or write new gospels straight to Kindle?
Would Jesus feed the multitudes,
Loaves and Fish for gals and dudes?
Or take back all the fish filet
And make water from the McCafe?
And quiet down the constant chatter
Over things that hardly matter,
Stop the presses, hold the phone
And let the lonely be alone?
Perhaps the world, now always streaming
Needs salvation from redeeming.

Would He be King, who came to save,
On "Survivor- Isle Beyond The Grave?"

Friday, April 01, 2011

Le Roi Des Fous

Here, now, on April Fool's Day,
Which returns each year in May,
Let's take time to rededicate
Ourselves to whate'er made us great.

With folly as first principle,
Let other cares be minceable
And seek in every way and thing
A nat'l hero, judge and king.

Who is the wisest fool, let's ask,
And how best to achieve our task?
I'd begin, I'll share with thee,
By searching the majority.