Saturday, December 17, 2005

Sleigh The Course

Or, Of Ice and Men. Story #23, in which three magi survive a Pennsylvania blizzard only to confront the rigid social norms of New Jersey.*

To hear the story, ask Santa for directions.

To read the story, check Santa's list.

*Preceding telic clause dedicated to Monika.


curious servant said...

Nice little tale!

I did quite a bit of hitch hiking in the mid 70s and have a few tales as well.

i liked the choice of names you chose for the officers. I'm glad that they didn't reenact the scene re. Candy's dog!

Doug said...

Thanks, Curious Servant. He who hitch-hikes has stories is the law of the land. Good line about Candy's dog. Luckily we didn't have one with us at that time.