Friday, February 24, 2006

The Faceless Knight

Here is a story by Toyplayer, as read by Mall Diva.
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To read a fully illustrated print version, click here and scroll down.
Weirsdo's definition: faceless (adj.): Inhuman. In a bad way.


Liese C. Khanna said...

Great, everyone gets in and where's Pansi?
- member Fan Club

And Weisdo, the faceless knight isnt inhuman! After all, in the end everyone lives happily ever after

nice story. Surprising end that makes you ponder about life's twists and turns.

Doug said...

Anonymous, n.p. The Singer/Songwriter of folklore.

Doug said...

And welcome, Liese.

weirsdo said...

Hi Doug. Did you know Liese is laying out a plan to take over the world?
I'm glad you were polite.