Saturday, December 23, 2006

Special Delivery

Story #74, in which lists are made.

To hear the story, ask Santa for directions.

To read the story, tell Santa you "want some stupid story for Christmas."

Now, about Prattler. The same catastrophe that made today's story late means Prattler will have to be rebuilt from scratch. Anyone making a site on iWeb should email me for advice on how not to end up old, bitter and drunk like me. Prattler will be back but I don't know when.


weirsdo said...

So sorry about the Prattler, but I went over there recently, and it looked o.k.
With these methods, Santa should soon have herds and herds of sleigh pullers.

Doug said...

Thanks, Weirsdo. The site is fine. What has changed is that my relationship to it is now the same as everyone else's. I can read it and leave comments but I can't add, edit, delete or change anything.

Happy holidays to the Weirsdo family!

weirsdo said...

And to you, Doug. Hope your vacation was wonderful.

pia said...

Merry Christmas, hope it wonderful

And I finally had time to play with the Imac, and began to build a new photo/podcast site, so seer your secrets--later this week