Saturday, June 02, 2007

Home Cooking

Episode 22 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to the Southern Nevada Homeschool Advocacy Project (SNHAP) for this week's reading

To hear the story, come to Mama.

The Prattler is on hiatus until further notice.

Read the story with your Theban parents.


weirsdo said...

Loved the mother's dialogue!
Sorry to hear THE PRATTLER is suspended. I enjoyed it, and was only teasing about your support for Republicans.

ariel said...

Prattle is more than challenge to me to read (and makes me terribly proud when I read a whole article) but I am sorry, too.

Doug said...

Thanks, Weirsdo. It wasn't entirely your cruelty but also the need to write something that broke me down. Prattler may be back. Since yesterday and that notice I've had the thought half a dozen times "Oh, that'll be good for the Prattler."

Ariel, it makes me prouder when you read a whole article.

pia said...

Uh should I make you feel guilty about supporting Republicans?

I love Prattler but Doug, seven days is four too many

Doug please give up Prattler for awhile. You need the break. I'm in South Carolina, and after tonight I won't be around blogs until tomorrow. Maybe

Don't tell anybody but I think I'm more the West Coast type, but this is a free whole house, and wow, people have kitchens, and yards and stuff

I knew an accountant who thought he was a messiah. I called him many things, but he preferred Max or daddy.

The story was wonderful as always. I just couldn't resist that.