Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shahrazade's Wedding, Part I

Because A Thousand and One Nights Are Never Enough

To hear the story, click on the happy couple

To read the story, come to Persia

Need filler? This ought to get us near to January and another shared story.


weirsdo said...

No definition?
Off with your head.

Doug said...

Which excuse do you prefer, Weirsdo? In a high, nasal voice I can explain that I was in a panic to fill the Saturdays between the end of Diogenes and the start of something similar in '08 and did this at the last minute.


In a deep and suggestive voice, I can put on a beret, dip a scone in a cup of Earl Grey Tea, and explain that as my writing evolves my own aesthetic slowly replaces Bierce's.

Tell you what, you pick.

Doug said...


Mother-in-Law, n. A tenant landlord in a beggar's cloak.

weirsdo said...

That's more like it.
You are spared--this time.