Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Corinthian Pleasure- A Carnival Prayer

Paul teaches the best things are three:
Faith and Hope and charity.
I surely take his words as true
And hold them up in all I do.
But, God knows, and I'll confess
There are other ways we're blessed
And when I pray for strength, like Paul
The gifts I wish for most of all
Are similar to Paul's in number-
First, I pray, Lord, make me dumber
For which of Paul's gifts pass the dense
For fellowship with those with sense?
Then I ask a little madness
To comfort me in times of sadness
And so my will is never tested
Even once I've been arrested.
Third, I pray my spirit's small
Of lesser gifts, the best of all,
To never trust in our conclusions
Yet to doubt our own illusions.

I won't debate the good apostly,
And pray my pride won't be too costly
When, heart aroar and gut arumble,
I pray "keep thy crazy fool humble."
-Timothy Timfor


quilly said...

Doug! As eloquent as ever!

Ariel the Thief said...

aroar and arumble reminded me of this quote from an X-Files episode, "neither innocence nor vigilance may be protection against the howling heart of evil". I do know you don't want to be protected from evil! I just love that quote. :-P

tholisen - thy lie down here and listen

Doug said...

Thanks, Quilly.

A very X-files quote, Gabi.

TLP said...

So. Paul recommends three babes, Faith, Hope and Charity, but you pass them up. You want a dumb, dense, mad, probably blonde girl.

That Doug. *I'm speechless*. Well, this as speechless as I get. I could say more. Should I say more? Mmmm....maybe not.

You did rhyme real good honey.

Cooper said...

Sweet stuff dear Dough.

Cooper said...

I mean Doug.

the amoeba said...

But, Dawg, if'n you do all this, what will you give up for Lent?

Doug said...

Thanks, blogmama

And thank you, Coop. I might take it worse that you misspelled my name if you weren't prone to misspelling yours.

Food and water, Amoeba, sunrise to sunset. Pity my coworkers.

Ariel the Thief said...

I'm not sure where I heard it, someone described Paul as a short man with very unpleasant face, the type of short man that is ready to punish the world for his being short. He breathed hate, it was boiling in his suspicious eyes, tightened his cruel lips, paled his skin, and made him so much stronger than what one would expect from such a small man. Then he fell from his horse. Good story, huh? The passion stayed but took a brand new road.

Karen said...

Aah ... very good, Ariel.

Paul falls from his horse and lands flat on his unpleasant face. With a sneering chuckle, he brushes himself off and jumps back in the saddle.

He says to his horse, "If'n I'd landed on that there cactus; I'd still be a rollin' around screamin' like a stuck pig!"

Doug said...

Actually, a great story, Ariel.

Karen, that's very funny.

TLP said...

Ariel! That's wonderful!

Jim said...

I think I remember once when your will was tested by us bloggers? If that was a test you did real well. Ditto on the real well for this rhyme by T.T.

actonbell said...

Love it! And a little madness is often called for.

the amoeba said...

@Ariel -

Your description reminded me of this ...

Ice said...

Amoeba, I absolutely LOVED the conductor lady, women in this position can give it an extra maternal-regal feature, one expects them to rise from the floor in furious glory.

In all my life I pictured Paul big, fat and wise, that description above just suddenly made him real.

Karen said...

Does anyone else think Ariel the Thief, Gabi Dávid and Ice are, in reality, the same person?

Ice said...

And they all can hardly cover a vampire. This is an ugly world. :(

Karen said...

Well, you could sometimes call yourself "Nosferatu the Undead."

Doug said...

TLP, I agree.

Thanks, Jim, but I'm sure I don't remember what you mean.

Actonbell, the nice thing about madness is I rarely have to call for it.

Amoeba, a fine Lenten memory.

Ice, I always imagined him, tall, lean and mean. Sort of the Lee Van Cleef of God.

Karen, next time I am in Budapest, maybe I can call her by each name and see if she responds.

Ice, fly above it.

Karen, you think she hasn't enough identities so far?

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

No need for me to prey to be made dumber as the gods already made sure of that!!

Your WV is yougart

Ice said...

Doug, if I ever made a movie with Paul in it, I'd sure want Lee Van Cleef to play him. He looks a short guy to me but he should play Paul even if he is tall.

Ice said...

Damn Mozilla... before too soon our browsers will choose our mates, even.

pia said...

Where have I been? I love it. There's a real estate agent in Manhattan with the first name Faith Hope. Always cracks me up though it shouldn't as her parents aimed big or wanted to appease and...

Doug said...

Yougart, I'm told, is a great verifier.

Hahaha, Ice. That might even be a good thing.

Pia, and she became a realtor. At least she isn't a preacher.

Hobbes said...

Very wise.

Doug said...

Hobbes, you aren't helping.

Jim said...

Doug, I checked back on your last abandoned blog and found I had been making a mistake about it.

I today noticed that this isn't the blog I thought it was. Everytime and on all my links, etc, I have been calling it "WALKING Amrose." I looked up today and saw that it is "WAKING Ambrose."

I am glad you did some waking, poor soul. I think he was almost a forgotten genius who needed to come back into the light.
BTW, who is in charge of the Shanties?
Is there a plot? It seems to ramble.
Perhaps the person in charge should pass around an outline. Surely someone knows where ... and what ... and maybe even why ...
How many of the characters met will reapear? I'd like to know what bearing the out-of-control and crashing ferryboat has on the overall theme.
BTW, speaking of boats, has anyone read some of the old "Tugboat Annie stories originally published in the Saturday Evening Post? That run-away ferryboat episode reminded me of that.
For sure I wasn't born when the first came out in July 11, 1931 but I was reading them way before the end of the 1930's. I suppose I quit sometime in the 50's and again, this time before they stopped running.

Karen said...

Well, Jim, I suppose you're directing your demand towards me as I added the ferryboat contribution to Shanties.

You said you'd like to know what bearing the out-of-control and crashing ferryboat has on the overall theme.

If you had been following the story-line since the beginning, you should have noticed that the crashing ferryboat served as a pivotal change in plot direction.

Mainly, the element of "sexual tension" was added because Alysandra was thrown into the arms of her father-in-law, Abner.

Jim said...

Yes, Karen, and thank you for answering. I did start at the beginning although this blog is hard to navigate back and forth. I find clicking on the Blog Archives choices is the best way to do that.

I enjoyed reading of the ferryboat crash day (it reminded me of the Tugboat Annie SEP series) and yes now that you mention it probably was a catalist for the relationship that I do believe will become stronger and stronger. I didn't know if we would be hearing more of it. Now I think not.

The comment post wasn't aimed really at you, this was just one example. It seems more like a continuous soap opera rather than a work that would be put together in a package at the end. This is fine, I have seen other blogs like this and I do know it is really hard for several writers to collaborate on a predetermined story with a plot.

I don't really know who claims the blog. I will guess that you started it. Like for all multi-writer blogs Blogger has each profile seem as if it were his or her blog.

Because the insertion of Chapter 17 1/2 was written by you as a transition chapter to get Abner released from custody it seems may very well be you.

At any rate you all are doing a first rate job of keeping it going, and pretty much in the same direction.

Karen said...

Mr Hovendick,

In the future, will you please address your rather lengthy commentary to Mr Duffy.

He is the Director of our Literary Orchestra.

Thank you,
Mrs Karen

Doug said...

Yeah, Jim, I'm just in the chorus there. I think Karen is more involved. If you'd like to join, though, I'd be glad to recommend you to Brer Duffy.