Saturday, August 12, 2006


Story #57, in which Doug doesn't hitch-hike.

To hear the story, catch that plane.

To read the story, visit scenic Florianopolis and tell me how it is.

And Happy Birthday to Princess Lucia from


and me

This week (around 9AM EDT) in The Prattler, The Root Causes of George W. Bush.

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QuillDancer said...

I had to really jack up the sound, but I loved this. It was a beautiful look at ignorance and culture bias, and would work well as a parable.

I enjoyed your reading voice, but as I writer I like to peruse the words of a piece. Unfortunately the link didn't work. I'll try again later.

I looked over several of your blogs and am impressed by what I've seen. We share a love for words.

In my opinion when the Bible says we were created in God's image it is not talking fingers and toes -- it is talking language. With words we were given the power to create and destroy.