Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shahrazade's Wedding, Part XX

"The Beowulf of Wedding Planning" -Actonbell

Listen to the story in ruined Cyrenaica.

The Prattler is having formatting issues. That was fun, though, right?

Or, read the story among the Berbers.


Hobbes said...

I can hear the dress-making now--

Doug said...

Ba dump-bum.

Mel Brooks?

ariel said...

The listening was difficult, maybe the mike was too close to your nose? And the gaps are back. :-(

The story was fun. Oh do you know that feeling when you feel so pretty at home in front of the mirror, and your dress looks so wonderful, then you arrive at the party and all of a sudden your dress and yourself feel just sad and have no idea why did you think you looked any good?

"the pets were set free", translation, "the beasts and scavengers of the area had a good day"

"and a wink at each of his men", ROTFL!

I have this feeling that there is a lot you did not tell about between "He could smell her perfume." and "Terms were arranged". Yeah.

Doug said...

Ariel, you forget how cheap we can be.

Hobbes said...

Not sure. Weirsdo heard it from the cello prof at Oberlin.

Doug said...

Cello professors are very wise.