Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Unionville Chronices

First Canto

To hear Weirsdo read the first Canto, click on the photo of Star Peak.

Read the first Canto at daybreak, click on the second picture.

If you would like the full text of Shahrazade's Wedding, click on the tapestry. Photo used without permission, rustled from Ariel/Ice Grapefruit who, apparently stole the photo from someone else. There is honor among thieves.


tsduff said...

Rising up
Before the dawn
The dark one flew
Without a song

A little baseball
Game to see
With small boy batting
One two three

Your brand new offering
So well written
Has me chaffing
As I've bitten

Sunk my beak
Down hard and low
Into the story
Of the Crow

Doug said...

Terry, I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as little league
In fact, unless I get this story off first base
I'll practice a change-up just in case.

ariel said...

The most beautifully told story of the genesis. Gives me a thrill.

Doug said...

Gosh, Ariel. That's high praise. If I get struck by lightning today, you will have been the agent of my doom.