Friday, April 22, 2011

Viernes Sancto

Good Friday's when I wonder how
This world would meet its savior now.
Would we even notice thirteen men
Performing wonders now and then?
Could we put the LORD up on TV
For all this napping world to see?
Would the Sanhedrin and Caiaphus
And Rick Santorum make a fuss,
And call Jesus a pious swindle
Or write new gospels straight to Kindle?
Would Jesus feed the multitudes,
Loaves and Fish for gals and dudes?
Or take back all the fish filet
And make water from the McCafe?
And quiet down the constant chatter
Over things that hardly matter,
Stop the presses, hold the phone
And let the lonely be alone?
Perhaps the world, now always streaming
Needs salvation from redeeming.

Would He be King, who came to save,
On "Survivor- Isle Beyond The Grave?"


quilly said...

Would He wear a pinky ring, would He drive a fancy car
Would His wife wear furs and diamonds, would His dressing room have a star
If he came back tomorrow there's something I'd like to know
Would Jesus wear a Rolex on His television show?

Nessa said...

Yeah, there would definitely be a reality show.

pia said...

Would we notice? Maybe the judges on the kinder gentler American Idol would--but the media would go crazy saying that Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez were just too darn sweet to this person who is obviously schizophrenic--and then schizophrenia societies would say he doesn't fit the stats exactly right and so on.....
Great post Doug

actonbell said...

Bravo, Doug!

I personally agree that the kindest man alive would go completely unnoticed, especially since he'd be much too modest to claim anything.

Glad to see you back.

TLP said...

Very good post.

Jesus would be thought a freak or gay, and killed yet again. He'd be too sensitive to be allowed to live in this insensitive world.

Cooper said...

Nice one Doug.

Doug said...

Quilly, I wonder if Ray Stevens wrote that song on Good Friday. I did get close to plagiarism here, didn't I?

Sure, Nessa. The Shriveled Fig with Paris Hilton and Friends.

Haha, Pia. I'm just imagining his column in Psychology Today.

Actonbell, thanks. I've had kind of an itch.

TLP, you sound like the Gospel of John again.

Thanks, Coop.

weirsdo said...

Liked the poem a lot.
I am grateful that I have now played all my Holy Week gigs without being told I was going to Hell once.
I think this is a record.

Doug said...

Thanks, Weirsdo. They don't know you like we know you.

Jim said...

I like your Easter literagy piece very much, Doug. You do good writing.
Have you singing it (I am sure it is better read)?

I think modern TV would pick up on this as a reality show. They might as Jesus to host it since he has been there?

Karen said...

You might remember the commenter 'flyoverfocus' from DiA. I don't recall the reason for my email exchange with (in reality) Burt Ison, but at the time his TV production company did contract work for Joel Osteen Ministries at Lakewood Church in Houston. It's America's largest megachurch - his sermons are broadcast nationally on Discovery, USA and Lifetime.

Anyway, Burt said, "They're quite relaxed for an evangelical outfit. The pastor's dress code is jeans and a square bottom shirt, and they don't hit you over the head with the bible. Plus, they pay net 7. Hard to beat that for a client."

I'm reminded of W.W.'s post yesterday, "A portrait of structural change." Maybe technology can help a teacher feed the masses. Osteen is considered very spiritual.

tsduff said...

Happy Easter Doug.

Doug said...

Jim, thanks. I have not sung it. Happy Easter, though.

Karen, I do remember that guy but I didn't know/remember he worked for Osteen, the least annoying tv preacher I can recall.

You too, Terry (and Bear.)

Quack Birder said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Ariel the Thief said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit, friends.