Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Universal Cataract

There's a universal puddle
In which we every bob
And each one touches every one
A muddy, wetted mob.

Each motion moves our neighbor
And each neighbor wets the next
And the web of sloshing metaphor
Winds up in every text.

And we all are brought together
Each creature, girl or man
We move the world with every touch
From every friendly hand
And so, you see, we live as one,
And can't stick to a plan.


Anonymous said...

you are thinking primordial soup?! Stirring comes easy if you have a big enough spoon ;)

quilly said...

Very nice, Doug. You don't appear often, but when you do you dazzle.

Ariel the Thief said...

The reason why I hate the beach. Human soup. :-P

tsduff said...

Humans are as messy as the next bit of life...Excellent observation Doug. ~sloshes the Dawg~

actonbell said...

What Quilly said! The cadence is so beautiful, and I do so relate.

cooper said...

Lovely to have you back stating your poetic truths.

TLP said...

Ah, a great truth.

The interdependent web of life.

Karen said...

Ariel, Budapest has a beach to hate? I would think a Danube River cruise to be an enchanting endeavor, no?

Doug said...

Right, Minka, or spin fast enough.

Thanks, Quilly.

Ariel, that's funny.

Terry, I'm pretty sure I wasn't first to it. The dude bobbing a few lumps of person over was.

Really, Actonbell? Thanks.

No such thing as a poetic truth, Cooper but thank you.

Indeed, blogmama.

Karen, Budapest, as it turns out is in Hungary and Europe. I'm still not sure how they did that.

Jim said...

Hi Doug, I knew this was from a song some place. Is it this one?

From "Don't make me wet"
Don't make me wet
Never never make love in the shower
Just make me hot
Gimme gimme good love in the sun
Just take me high
If you wanna be part of the power
You must wait in line
Don't make me wet
Never never make love in the ocean
Just keep it cool
Gimme gimme some fun in the pool
Oh you can try

After all that, Doug, I do like your poetic metaphorical wetting illustration of how interactions and friendship come about. Very clever.

Karen said...

Jim, I hope Doug doesn't mind iff'n I tell you on his blog that I really liked your "Meet the Cousins" post. You look mighty spiffy in that picture of when visited you visited Cousin John at the nursing-home!

Karen said...

Dang!!! I meant to say you look mighty spiffy in that picture of when you visited Cousin John at the nursing-home in your blue-striped shirt! And Cousin Jack was becoming in his blue plaid shirt, too!!!

Hobbes said...

Maybe we need laser surgery. . . .

Quack Birder said...

What quilly said!

Cooper said...

did someone delete a post?

Doug said...

Jim, there's a standard I can live up to.

Karen, of course I don't mind.

Hobbes, you get a tattoo?

Thanks, Quilly.

Coop, yeah, I tried to write one yesterday and posted it by accident before it was done, which it isn't but it is lame.

Karen said...

Oh my! I'm glad I checked my gmail. I would hate to miss out one single solitary episode of "Cooper Culture!"

weirsdo said...

Hobbes, it's not THAT kind of cataract!

Doug said...

It's broadening, K.

Weirsdo, oh! Of course. By now I'd forgotten this hda a title.

Ariel the Thief said...

Tibbar, tibbar!

Author, author!

Doug said...

Present, present!