Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Knights' Tale

As improvised and performed by Mall Diva, with help from Toyplayer.
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Here is the print version:
In an ancient land, far, far away from any land we know, there lived two knights: Knight Arabesqua, and Knight John. Knight John was a small, little man, and Knight Arabesqua was a tall, strong man.
One day they met, and Arabesqua said to Knight John, "You are the shortest dwarf I ever saw!"
And Knight John did NOT laugh; instead, they began fighting. . . . Until--the dragon came.
(Groans.) Those were the sounds of the cries as they died.
And so, what is the moral of this story? It is, of course, "Do not fight, because then you won't know when dragons are coming along."

Weirsdo's definition: Dragon (n.): Cooler of heated disputes.


Doug said...

Great voice, Mall Diva and great definition, Weirsdo.

Here's mine:

Chivalry, n. The valor of a suitor whose Princess remains in the tower.

weirsdo said...

Thanks, Doug. I may try it again to get better sound quality.
Mr. Banana and I like your definition.