Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tom Waits Calls a Cab

Story #27, in which the straight and narrow path is no way at all.

To hear the story, tip your hat to Tom Waits.

Read all about it! Hail the cab!


SquareGirl said...

Ahhhh...this is more like it! That other place gets way too crowded for me, we squares can't handle all that grooviness.

weirsdo said...

I agree square.
Doug! I thought this was a real masterpiece. I would never have thought to put Pia and Tom Waits together, but it works beautifully.

Minka said...

Yes, I agree as well...sometimes Doug´s comment section reads like a telphone register. Especially when you arrive late :) Too many confusing characters. It is a simpler time over here.

Doug said...

How did I not see this was happening. Hi, SG, Pansi and Monika.

SG, It's funny but this is the only gregarious incarnation of me. The floppy ears help a lot. I don't have them at committee meetings.

Thanks, Weirsdo. How's bout Weirsdo and Satan? More natural?

Monika, Doug Drones On is my Iceland. You can be Prime Minister.

ariel said...

of course you prefer democracy to kingdom.

weirsdo said...

DEFFinately more natural, Mr. Dog!!!!! I was glad to help!!!!!

Doug said...

Ariel, it's the last refuge I turn to.

Thanks, Pansi!