Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Tale of Willie Bear

Click on Willie to hear Semisweet1 Read his poem, The Legend of Willie Bear.

Or, click Here to read it.


Doug said...

Perseverate, v.i. To resolve futility with frequency.

Minka said...

Wow, I am truly impressed. And such a sense of Rhythm, indeed. In Iceland Willie would have to tackle reindeers and that is about it :) Well done, semisweet!

dddragon said...

Bravo! Semisweet always impresses me with his wit and verse.

Here we have squirrels and rabbits in abundance. Groundhogs and skunks, moles, voles and chipmunks, too. Plenty of other canines for company, and cats to stare back at you.

weirsdo said...

Like the mock epic approach.

Sar said...

Bravo, Semi!

That was simply fantastic. Great written wit embelished by an equally great delivery.

Doug - Willie looks so cute in that picture, can you pass along *pat pat, rub behind the ears, doggie squeeze* from me? :)

Doug said...

He could do it, too, Monika. Thanks.

Dddragon, Semisweet is a published poet. I try to think of that as a good thing. I'll let Willie know, he may choose your town for his vacation.

Thanks, Weirsdo.

Sar, I'll pass your message along.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Very good! Absolutely impressive.

Good boy Semisweet! Sweet boy Willie.

You're okay too Doug.

Kyahgirl said...

What a great epic-worthy of a great dog.
Nice job semi-sweet.

(yes, I realize no one will probably ever see this comment!)

Doug said...

Forsooth Kyah. Willie keeps an ear to the ground.