Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Old Gringo

Story #50, In which Ambrose Bierce reaches his destination.

To hear the story, talk to the skull.

To read the story, blow out the candle.

Happy 164th birthday to Ambrose Bierce.

To celebrate, here are two new Bierce-related links:

Did you all know Bierce wrote fables? I didn't until Indie mentioned it sometime back. Here's a Collection.
and, The Devil's Dictionary Defiled, by S.R. Brubaker. Brubaker's site is a well-designed and funny page including definitions by Bierce and Brubaker.

This week in The Prattler, Unheard Of, the challenge to the Voting Rights Act.

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weirsdo said...

Mrs. Weirsdo liked this storry!!!!! I coudent understand it but I wanna say I was suprized Flouring Kudzus dauter is on Ann Roses lap!!!!