Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pansi's G-String

IMG_0593.JPGOur friend Logo sent Pansi a letter ("G"), with instructions to write about ten words that started with "G." Pansi is not much of a wordsmith, but Mrs. Weirsdo encouraged her and Diamonelle helped,

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and here are the results:
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The print version is here.
We hope Mall Diva will let Pansi participate in the library story hour again, and we applaud Doug (AKA P-Doggy) for purveying her talents in this space.

Weirsdo's definition: wordsmith (n.): The smith a mighty person she,
With large and sinewy brain
With the muscles of her scrawny arms
She hurls down words like rain.

Her brow is wet with nervous sweat,
She seldom cooks a meal,
She looks her husband in his face
And says, "You make the veal."

Day in, day out, from noon till night,
You can hear her clicking keys,
Like rats' feet on a sinking ship
Despite her children's pleas.

Thanks, thanks to thee, O worthy smith
For the lessons thou hast taught!
That on the glowing screen of life
Our Fortune is our Thought.


Logophile said...

That was quite the poem,
good job gals, going the extra mile, how could Mall Diva refuse you.

Kyahgirl said...

I tried earlier to leave a comment here but blogger wouldn't let me.

anyway, this is such a cute story, to listen to and read!

Doug said...


Genius, n. A naked gymnast at closing time.

weirsdo said...

Tx Mrs. Loco!!! That was the leest you coud say after all my hard werk!!!!

Kyak Girl!!!!!!!!! This is EPICK LITTRACHER!!!!!

P-Doggy!!!! Not Just Then!!!!

cooper said...

ya'll are too word worty for me. ;0

ariel said...

I am so deeply impressed that I am speechless.

weirsdo said...

Thanks on both of our behalves, Ariel.