Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Program

A contribution by Kyahgirl.

To hear the story encourage Laura/Kyahgirl.

To read the story, salute Laura's friend Nancy.


ariel said...

lol! well, the first step is watching it, isn't it? at one time I was making notes on an exercise video because wanted to be able to do it without having to use the video, my father happened to walk around, he was watching me sitting and writing in front of the television for a while, then asked, "so is that a video works like that?"

Doug said...

ABOUT, adv. Approximately, as the similarity of Canadian speech to that of the United States.

karma said...

watching also burns calories, that's why they also serve who stand and stare.

Funny story, Laura!

ejaxkm: after every kilometre, one youknowwhat

Logophile said...

Ahhh sister mine, you and I should watch some workout tapes together sometimes.
Great story, and good to hear you!

Doug said...

Ariel, that's funny. I can see you making extensive notes on a workout video. LOLs and OMGs and smart retorts.

I agree Karma, I stay in shape watching baseball, basketball and football. It's really strenuous during the playoffs.

Logo, I bet you sound just like that.

neva (aka: puppytoes) said...

great story... and, i completely agree with ariel, you HAVE to watch before you try. it's the exercise-video law!!

love your dogs... and nancy's! we had a beloved Sheltie for 15 years... he was a magnificent dog, we miss him terribly!

p.s. Doug: love the definition of "about", but, um...shouldn't that be aboot? (just wonderin'...)
: P

Kyahgirl said...

ha ha, I see I'm not alone in my wicked watching ways :-)
Ariel, when you've got the notes compiled, next step is publishing. That could take ages. By then you'll be to old actually do the tape. Good strategy!

Cowgirl said...

The purpose of an exercise video is solely in the hands of the remote control holder.

Perhaps I should contribute something so ya'll can hear what I sound like.

tsduff said...

Oh my, that is so funny! My kind of exercise definately! I exercise like that frequently. Problem is - like virtual exercise, so is the benefit... nonexistent! sigh. Gorgeous pups.

actonbell said...

Hehehe, I can watch people exercise all day. Great story!

Kyahgirl said...

ha ha Actonbell, the Olympics are my favorite way to exercise. *whew* 2 weeks of intense work outs! Its enough to tire a girl right out!

Doug said...

Puppytoes, I took a gamble they can't spell it either.

Perhaps, my dusty country backside, Cowgirl. Get after it.

Terry, I'm with you except for the good intentions.

Actonbell, you mean before and after your 5 mile run, I assume.

Kyahgirl, it's a trap, don't listen to Actonbell. If I ran like she runs my head would be under 50 pounds in now time.

cooper said...

Nice voice.

SquareGirl said...

well aren't you supposed to "watch" programs?

Very funny story KyahGirl! And I adored the accent. It may not be an accent to you, but to a Southern California Native, it's an accent.

weirsdo said...

Good story, Kyah. I think they're much better watched.

Kyahgirl said...

Thanks ladies, I'm glad to have met so many kindred spirits.

Puppytoes, thanks so much for explaining the law!