Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ogre Day 2011

When freedom comes to Tripoli,
The despot hanged on live TV,
Love will keep the dastard's head
Entangled in its braided thread.

Yea, it's true, a tyrant risen,
Is buoyant on a sea of prison;
In this world of friends and neighbors
And charity and hugs and labors.

Shackles bind the very best
While embraces tie the rest
And affection makes the world go round,
Which as it spins, grinds us down.

Yes, love's a rose, I hear. I do,
And kindness is the truest true,
But whichever gracious heart may spawn it,
An ogre's bile be upon it.
-Amelia Roston Browning

A dismal ogre Day to all my friends!


Ice said...

In the meantime... I'd happily have the ogre's liver on my plate. *hungry look*

tsduff said...

...honored to name an Ogre among my friends. Many best wishes on Ogre day along with kudos for the nice poem. (did I say nice?)

pia said...

I thought Ogre day was 2/13, but I'll go with the one you pick
Happy Ogre Day!!!!!!

Quack Birder said...

But.. but... it's Nirvana Day!

cooper said...

I wish you the best Ogre day ever Doug.

TLP said...

Well dangitall! I had no idea it was Ogre Day, and on the east coast, it's almost over. *Grumble, grouse*

Can I have a do-over?

actonbell said...

I forgot about Ogre Day, too. Wonderful poem, too.

Doug said...

Ice, your ambitious appetite commends you to the heavens.

Terry, that's how I feel about crows.

No, Pia, but I was unsure enough to check back.

Quack, are there ogres in nirvana?

Thanks, Coop. You too.

TLP, then take the 16th, too. We ogres are an avaricious bunch.

Thanks, Actonbell. I hope you made the most of the holiday.

Jim said...

Doug, I hope your Ides of February was good to you! And that you had a good Ogre Day also

Google found approximately 397 times as many Ides of February as it did Ogre Days.
Very many of the Ogre Days were April.

Karen said...

The commemoration of yesterday's date abounds!

I believe last year Mo'a mentioned the 15th is something named Bolludagur.

And then on 15 February 1971, the United Kingdom and Ireland decimalised their currencies. The date is known as Decimal Day.

Doug said...

Jim, google is full of it. Ogre day is February 15.

Karen, I think Bolludagur is the Monday before Ash Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

a 420 wake and bake
hello to you , sir ,

enjoyed the read
good use of word

the outdoors call
blue sky sunny rays

peace always

Doug said...

Peace, bear

Hobbes said...

I would have agreed with this until I met my new wife, Bela. She makes me brownies every day.

Doug said...

Hobbes, the secret is to stay bitter despite your good fortune.