Friday, February 25, 2011

A conspiracy so vast

To all but the conspirator
(Mark there's as many as before)
The thing about conspiracy
Is it's there for none to see.
Each man whether stout or frail
Conjures up his own betrayal-
A vampire banker in the night
(Or schoolmarm if you're on the right.)
Whichever shadow you pursue,
And I bet you money it's a Jew,
With all our demons aggregated
And in with our neighbors titrated
The conspiracy has grown so vast
To become democracy at last.
And once our enemies are pooled,
We're rightly glad to have been fooled.

-Burnett Holmes


Ice said...

Doug, with all my respect, it makes no sense. Keep up the good work!

cooper said...

The defections continue.

TLP said...

Conspiracies left and right.

Conspiracy theories up and down.

That Glenn Beck. It's the end of times.

Doug said...

Of course, Ice. Steady as she goes.

Coop, loyalty is a rare thing, except in the blogosphere.

TLP, they're everywhere.

Quack Birder said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

I do believe in some conspiracies.... not the same ones as Glenn Beck.

Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit, QB. We all have one or more, meaning there are more conspirators in the world than people.

Ice said...

Rabbit rabbit!

TLP said...

Rabbit Rabbit. To you and to the men-in-black who will be coming for you.

Jim said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Speaking of the Jews (Dylan):
Clowns to the left of me!
Jokers to the right!
Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

I like the poem you found. When I was growing up all the bad (and big) businesses were owned by the 'goll darned Jews' according to my dad.

Karen said...

Jim can't even come up with a 140- character Microfiction Monday for JIM'S LITTLE BLOG (because he's in London), but the man (either stout or frail) instead leaves a 979-character comment on Susan at Stony River's post.

And on the Always True (to form) post at Quintessentially Quilly he writes:

"Well, Quilly [hi, :)], I hate to have to be first up here. But it is time to get busy here,10:34 AM, where I am. This sounds like a nice book. I am not familiar with the author or his radio program."

(click on above link to read more about how Jim "helped improve the electricall wiring in a state orphanage in Guatamala")

Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit, Ice and TLP.

Jim, I don't think that's Dylan but I hope your dad lived to see foreigners own all the businesses.

Karen, for your birthday you get a free pass on harassing Jim. To your health!

Karen said...

You may want to give your free pass to your long-time friends, Quilly and Amoeba. It appears they're suffering with James V. Hovendick, too.