Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Advice to my nephew on his 4th birthday

One day, not long, you'll be a big older boy,
When hammers or wrenches make a good enough toy
Help your mom fix her car, help dad with his tv,
They'll be happy and grateful you're useful, you'll see.

Work hard when you're older, study well for your class.
Dress in clean clothes, comb your hair, wipe your glass.
Rise before sunup, give prayer every eve,
Stay sober and faithful and respectful to Steve.

I tell you this, Eamon, is how big boys should act
If they want all life's blessings- and this is a fact-
Be slow with your temper and quick with your jokes
To live well 'til your forties at home with your folks.


pia said...

I was going to say Eamon's so lucky to have you as an uncle. Then oh warped one I read the end!

Doug said...

Pia, you should have expected that.

Ariel the Thief said...

The picture of Eamon in the first two paragraphs is so terribly pretty that the third one comes as a most interesting addition. Go, Eamon, you rock!

actonbell said...

Ah, but only the good die young:)

Eamon will love this someday!

Mumquat said...

lol, maybe he will ask to stay with you after all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday , EAMON
wise uncle words for those last words,
one can never child proof a home
some visits just longer
then one would hope for

Doug said...

He do, Ariel.

Actonbell, he has plenty of time.

Moni, no problem.

Thanks, um, Bear?

Cooper said...

a great gift this is us.

javajazz said...

man, i wish i had an Uncle Doug...

Doug said...

Thanks, Coop.

How about a brother, JJ?

Omnipotent Poobah said...

Ah, if only advice were always so sound, we'd live in a better world.

javajazz said...

Yes! I always wanted a cool,
yet gently warped brother...
Happy Thanksgiving Doug,
to you and your beautiful
new family...! xo

Karen said...

One day, not long, you'll be a big older boy ... of 5! Happy Belated Birthday, Eamon!

weirsdo said...

Great ending. This is one of my favorites.